How to Uninstall Tor Browser Completely in 2022

What is Tor Browser?

Tor, short for The Onion Router, is a sort of virtual tunnel that encrypts Internet traffic and bounces it through a network of relays hidden across the world, masking the original information. Tor’s creators created a browser that could hide browsing activity from the original source, allowing users to surf the Internet anonymously.

Why People Want to Uninstall Tor Browser?

Like any program people install on their personal computers, they may find that they use less and less of it after a period of time as they lose interest in it. That’s when they decide to uninstall it to free up resources allow them to pursue their other interests.

That’s why, we have come up with this step by step guide on how to uninstall Tor Browser.

Ways to Uninstall Tor Browser:

1) Uninstall Manually

  • Use the Cortana search box beside the Start Button
  • Type in “Add or Remove Programs”
  • Launch Add or Remove Programs by clicking on the menu item
  • Look through the Apps and features list to locate Tor Browser
  • Click on Tor Browser > Uninstall.
  • That’s all! The uninstallation is complete.

For some people this works. However, at times it does not fully remove all the files from the program. If this doesn’t work for you, or you find this too complexed for you, then you may want to try the following methods below.

2) Uninstall in Just 3 Clicks Using the Special Uninstaller

how to uninstall tor browser

This is the safest and most reliable option for uninstalling any programs on windows 7/8/10. It is:

  • Faster and more reliable than Windows’ standard Add/Remove applet.
  • Remove any stubborn programs that Windows Add/Remove Program cannot remove.
  • Using a force-uninstall method, remove corrupted or partially installed/uninstalled applications.
  • Clean up registry entries and installed drivers.
  • Easy to use, with unique features that make it effective.

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Last Words

Our PC is one of our most used gadgets. When it does not function well, our work or fun is disrupted, bringing about much inconvenience. We hope the above information on how to uninstall Tor Browser has help you achieve what you wanted.

You can avoid all the inconvenience with a simple to use tool like the Special Uninstaller, which keeps our PC in tip top condition!

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