How to Uninstall ReShade Completely in 2022

What is ReShade?

ReShade is a 3D graphics enhancement software, it allows the user to modify their game’s color palette by adding light sources and altering the way textures look. It also lets users change the depth of field in-game as well as apply video filters, such as blur effects or sharpening.

It is often used with popular games like PUBG, Skyrim, Roblox, Sims 4 amongst many others.

This software has been around for years and many gamers still use it today. However, some gamers find that there is too much going on in-game when they have ReShade activated so they decide to uninstall.

Challenges in Uninstalling ReShade

Most people think that uninstalling programs are rather easy. However, because ReShade installs files into the executable game folders, it can be difficult to remove it completely.

Some users feedback that even after uninstalling the program, they still receive pop up messages advising for update of ReShade drivers. This is often due to the remnant files which are left behind after uninstalling.

That’s why, we have come up with this step by step guide on how to uninstall ReShade.

Ways to Uninstall ReShade:

1) Using the Official ReShade Installer

  • Get the latest setup tool from here.
  • Launch it and select your game executable file (ie. the exe file).
  • Next, the setup will prompt you to decide whether to overwrite or uninstall ReShade for the game
  • Click “No”.
  • That’s all! The uninstallation is complete.

For some people this works. However, at times it does not fully remove all the files from ReShade. If this doesn’t work for you, you may want to try the following methods below.

2) Removing the Files Manually

If you had installed the software manually, there is a high chance that you will need to uninstall it manually as well. If so, here are the steps…

  • Go to your game directory installation folder.
  • Locate these files and delete them:
    1. ReShade.ini
    2. Preset.ini
    3. d3d9.dll
    4. d3d10.dll
    5. d3d11.dll
    6. dxgi.dll
    7. opengl32.dll

If you find a folder named “reshade-shaders”, also delete it accordingly. This completes the manual uninstallation.

However, for some people, they feel uncomfortable deleting files off the folders in their computer worrying it might cause other programs to stop functioning properly. In this case, my recommendation would be to go with the 3rd option.

3) Uninstall in Just 3 Clicks Using the Special Uninstaller

how to uninstall reshade

This is the safest and most reliable option for uninstalling any programs on windows 7/8/10. It is:

  • Faster and more reliable than Windows’ standard Add/Remove applet.
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  • Clean up registry entries and installed drivers.
  • Easy to use, with unique features that make it effective.

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Last Words

Our PC is one of our most used gadgets. When it does not function well, our work or fun is disrupted, bringing about much inconvenience. We hope the above information on how to uninstall ReShade has brought value to you.

You can avoid all the inconvenience with a simple to use tool like the Special Uninstaller, which keeps our PC in tip top condition!

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